Arenadata Grid

Real-time Data Processing

Arenadata Grid (ADG), developed jointly with Mail.Ru and based on Tarantool technology, is a distributed in-memory computing system enabling real-time data processing as part of the unified enterprise data platform.

Millisecond response to queries

Arenadata Grid is an In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) system that enables you to implement a distributed in-memory cache and add a database functionality there, with users getting millisecond responses to queries made using point filters.

Arenadata Grid has become the first Arenadata product that addresses real-time data processing tasks with a very low response latency.

Why Arenadata Grid

Easy to install and operate
Managed and configured from Arenadata Cluster Manager, ADG leverages the same monitoring components as other Arenadata products and supports easy cluster installation and setup, as well as maintenance, scaling, and reconfiguration.
Fast to install from the ground up
Preconfigured startup scripts dramatically reduce the time needed for system installation from the ground up.
Basic tools included
The out-of-the-box version already supports basic tools of traditional DBMSs: a user can create tables, make SQL queries, and use data source connectors.
Any data source
Easily connect any data sources. A single access point for all enterprise data.

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